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Canva vs Picmonkey1

Picmonkey vs. Canva

Picmonkey vs Canva...who wins in a fist fight? There is no doubt that Canva and PicMonkey are among the top graphic design tools. What makes these on...
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How I Showed This Guy How To Make $3,000 In 21 Days

As you should know, the biggest excitement that I get is when I help another person achieve a goal. With the help of someone that has gone through an...
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Why I lost 2600

Why I Lost $2,600 On A $3,000 Deal

You win some and you lose some right? That's at least what they say. It seems way too often that there is a greater risk to lose money rater than mak...
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The 1 Tool I Use To Make Tons of High Converting Facebook Ad Creatives

I remember the days when I would look at all of the cool Facebook Ads and wonder how they were made. Before I became a Facebook Marketer, I didn’t ...
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Why Everyone should have a high ticket item website

Why Everyone Should Have A High Ticket Item

Why should everyone have a high ticket item? How would you like it if someone had the secret to making 6 or 7 figures right in front of your face and...
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3 Things You Need To Close A Deal in 30 Days

3 Things You Need To Close A Deal In 30 days

Is it really possible to put a property under contract and close a deal in 30 days? The quick answer...YES! Why am I so confident in my answer? Becau...
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How I Almost Quit...To Making $10,000 In 30 Days

Being an entrepreneur can be one of the most rewarding things on the planet when you experience monetary successes! On the other hand, when there isn...
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Google Ads vs Facebook Ads(1)

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads For the success of any business, marketing and advertising is necessary. Many businesses all over the world are leverag...
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where to buy good solo ads for website traffic

Where Do I Buy GOOD Solo Ads For BEST Website traffic?

Where do I go to pay for the best website traffic!? I asked this question a billion times myself. I spent the amount of what felt like a billion and ...
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