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4 Reasons Why You Need A Photobooth At Your Next Corporate Event

4 Reasons Why You Need A Photobooth At Your Next Corporate Event

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Want your attendees to be super impressed during your corporate event or corporate party? The trick to a hot event that everyone talks about after it is done, is to emotionally impact them. When they can enjoy a moment with friends and/or co-workers, they will reminisce on memories.

With a photobooth for your corporate event, you will be leaving your fingerprint of the event on each attendee because they all will have a photo-strip in-hand of the special moments that you were able to create. If there isn't a picture...then it didn't happen 🙂 That's how you make people happy and return for more. This translates into new and repeat customers, better work atmospheres, and the lowering of retention rates. Below are the 4 reasons to have a photobooth at your next corporate event or party.


Celebrity Touch/Impressionable Touch

Having a photobooth allows you to do exceptional marketing for branding. When each person goes into the booth and gets their picture taken, they will get their picture strip just seconds after. At the bottom of each picture, the recipient will see the logo of your choice at the bottom of the picture strip. Your attendees will feel like celebrities and famous stars after posing in front of the camera.

At the bottom of the picture strip is key real estate for advertisement and branding. Maybe you want to place a picture of your business logo, a picture of something with the date of the particular event that you are posting, or maybe you want to get creative by placing a discount offer for a service and the recipient has to bring in the picture strip to redeem the discount. If you want more ideas, we can help you brainstorm the perfect logo for your picture strip.

After posing in front of the camera, getting their pictures printed out, and seeing the logo of your choice at the bottom of the picture-strip, your guests will be extremely impressed, and wanting more. They may actually come with more friends for another picture!

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Electrical Engaging Atmosphere

No one likes to be at a boring event! When you have a photobooth present, there will never be a dull moment! Picture an event starting but people are so hesitant to sit down because they are having so much fun! A whole bunch of adults are looking like undisciplined grade school kids who don't want to sit down because they have too much fun.

You may be asking yourself, why isn't this a problem when you're ready to start a presentation? Well, what if you have a few sponsored booths that paid you good money and their booths were positioned around your photobooth. Your sponsors will be so excited about the fact that so many leads will be swarming their booths. Maybe you want to have a your own booth!

Also imagine being prepared to drop some heavy content during your presentation and you want as many people paying attention as possible. Since your audience is having some much fun, by the time they sit down, they will be so much more receptive and ready to receive the content that is to be delivered from the speaker/presenter.


Instant Branding/Instant Rapport

There are 2 things that make first impressions on people, whether it is good or bad. These 2 things are branding & rapport. If you do amazing with these two things, you will have everyone begging to do business with you and to take their credit cards; or in the case of a corporate party, your attendees will beg you for another party.

What if you had a photobooth like the open air booth or the stand-alone booth that we offer.

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When people see one of the booths as the first thing when they walk in through the doors of the event, they will automatically think about the greatness of your professionalism. After they snap a picture in the photobooth with their friends and co-workers, they get a picture strip along wit the logo of your choice at the bottom of the strip. In this process, your logo now goes from a place of professionalism, to a place of instant trust.


What does it mean to have a friendship with someone? A friend is someone who backs you and one who you trust. That's what happens when you build rapport with someone, and that is what you will instantly build with every person at your corporate event or party.


Super Affordable and No Work On Your End

The photobooth becomes something that is the staple of engagement and it produces all of the outcomes that one could think of when it comes to a party. The photo-strips produced by attendees become a free gift AND favor. EVERYONE loves free stuff! This means you can save money and not buy other useless gifts to entertain your guests.

Whoever is the individual for putting the corporate event together, that person will seem like a genius! Getting a photobooth allows for there to not be any setup or clean up by the one who is hosting. A time is just set, and we will be there to set up the photobooth and tear it down at the end. You've also showed everyone a good time, and if you had sponsors either around the photobooth, or you put the sponsors logo at the bottom of the photo-strip for advertising, they will be happy to have worked with you. It's a win for everyone!


Bonus Misc. Benefits

Lastly, the cost of scheduling a photobooth at your corporate event or party is dirt cheap compared to the value it brings. Everything is customizable, from the pictures that goes at the bottom of the photo-strip, to getting a photo album of all of the pictures that were taken. Maybe you want everything loaded on a private page on social media for everyone to access! Along with the array of different photobooths available, we can practically do what ever you want.

We've seen other companies around the country charge $1000s for similar services that we offer. NOT WITH US! We work with companies and people that are looking for our services for 3 hours or more. If you have a multi-day seminar coming up, we'd love to bring our services for your entertainment as well. You'll be amazed at how cheap our services are. We're one of the cheapest in the surrounding Kansas City area, and we bring professional quality to everything we do.

If you're interested in inquiring about a photobooth, please click here. We would love to see how we can work with you so you can put on the best corporate event or corporate party that anyone has ever seen. Contact us today.


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