I strongly believe that affiliate marketing is the most unrevealed secret to making 6 figures online. It's simple, it's easy, and it is not an over-saturated market. I've made some big bucks in my tenure marketing affiliate products, and much of it was to my surprise.

Being able to sleep, and wake up to randomly finding checks in the mail with your name on it is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Here are 5 reasons why I believe that affiliate marketing is the best and easiest way to make money online

A website is not necessary

affiliate marketing make money online

I got good news for ya! In order to be successful in affiliate marketing, it is not necessary to have a website! Yyyyaaayyyyyy!

For those who are either newbies or someone who is not interested in developing a list and making email sequences (if that is not you, don't worry about it), this is for you. If you want to really maximize on the power of what affiliate marketing can grow into, then I recommend that you have a website. However, I won't be covering that in this excerpt. That is something I recommend and I go into detail about it in my blog post Why Every Business Should Be Starting A Blog.

You can be confident in making money doing affiliate marketing because there are tons of businesses that need help selling their products, everyday. Hundreds and thousands of products that are being sold is available on the online platforms referred to as "affiliate networks". All you have to do is find a good product, get someone else to purchase, and you make nice commissions from that sale. But how do you find a good product and what are affiliate networks?

In the blog post 5 must-do's to making $1000 per month online without spending a dime, I give specific tips on how to find a profitable affiliate network along with 2-3 of the networks that I recommend to you. I go into detail about this because every network is a little different in what they offer.

Some networks have more physical products than others while another network may have tons of digital products. Some networks cater towards internet marketing products while another may specialize in health and fitness products.

Whichever the case the may be, you are able to pick the product that you want to sale, grab the affiliate link and post it whoever and where ever you desire so that you can generate traffic in order for someone to buy! Once this link is clicked, the customer will then be taken to anther website! This is powerful because YOU DO NOT NEED A WEBSITE! EASY MONEY!



Since you don't need a website, you save tons of money. You don't have to worry about making banner ads or anything special like that because all you have to do is grab the designated affiliate link for the product that you want to sale, and drive traffic to it.

When I played collegiate basketball, my coach would tell me “you're making it too hard. Basketball is a simple game. All you have to do is put the ball in the whole and it's 2 points.” The same thing resonates here. All you have to do is get people to click the link so they can buy. That way you get the commissions you deserve.

You may do this by emailing people that you know and telling them that you recommend a product that you like, then you place that link within the email so that they can take a peek. You could even post the link on Facebook or twitter, or any other social media medium that you use, and you could ask for people's opinion about the product. All you care is that your viewers click the link in order to view the product so they can eventually purchase.

Of course you want to be smart about what you promote. You want to make sure that the sales page looks professional and the copy is good. Don't just pick something that looks like a 2nd grader put the website together in 2 days. This will help you when your prospect clicks on the links and they will be more likely to buy.


 Set it and forget it

5 Reasons Why affiliate marketing is the best and easiest way to make money online(1)

When it comes making huge commissions on autopilot, the flood gates can be be wide open on this. Because affiliate marketing can work with any technique, method, and or niche, you can integrate to work in a system so that you get revenues on a consistent basis. As I had mentioned in my 5 Day Shortcut to $500-$1000, the smart marketers take advantage of keeping a database of all of the people that purchase their products. This is done in something called email marketing or “inboxing”.



Email marketing is a little more complex than just placing links somewhere to make a sale, but you are able to cater your products to an audience that is hot and ready to buy from you. Imagine having a database of 300 people that have previously bought from you. Chances are that they will buy something again in 30 days if your products are good.

You may ask yourself, "why would they buy again"? Statistics show  that when someone purchases a product, they are most likely to purchase again. That's why they are labeled as "buyers".  This is the power of affiliate marketing AND email marketing coupled together. Have your database of customers, send them emails straight to their emails about your offer, and watch the commissions grow like a forest fire.

Most importantly, you can automate this process and let it work for you in your sleep. That is why this section is called...set it and forget. I won't go into detail about maximizing the profits from your list when it comes to email marketing, but everything I know due to email marketing, I  can credit to Anik Singal. In his program Lurn Academy, in 21 days, he teaches you the fastest way to grow your online business. Everything he makes, I recommend and use.



5 Reasons Why affiliate marketing is the best and easiest way to make money online

You can go from 1 or 2 sales to 10-20 in the blink of an eye.  This means you can go from $20-$40, to $200-$400 extremely quick. The cool thing about it is that since you are not the creator of the product or service, you're not having to worry about the customer service aspect.

You do not have to worry about crazy things such as having a customer who doesn't like the product and asking for a refund, or if there are technical difficulties you will not have to worry about making the product work to that person's desired usage. Your job is to only sale the product. This makes it so much quicker to scale up.

*WARNING - With what I just previously said, please be aware affiliate products that have a high refund rate on them. Depending on the affiliate network, you should be able to see the refund rate when selecting the product of your choosing. If there are a lot of sales, but there is a 50%+ refund rate, DON'T sale it. A good refund rate is somewhere between 0%-5%.

In order to increase your sales, I recommend that you use paid methods. This is of course after you begin to make a little money so your business can start to pay for itself. If you have the extra money laying around to invest in paid methods, that's even better because you don't have to waste time.

I created a blog called 3 ways to drive high traffic to affiliate offers that will bring purchasing customers every time. In that blog post I go over a few of the most powerful things to bring you the hot customers that have their credit cards in hand, ready to buy your affiliate offer. I really recommend using some called solo ads because you can make profits from a small budget, and repeat the process over and over to begin starting out wit paid methods.

Of course there are tons of free methods but the problem with free methods is that it is hard to scale. You only have 24hrs in the day. You can either double your work ethic or outsource some of your work to other multiple and leverage their efforts in order to scale with free methods.


You don't need to be an expert

5 Reasons Why affiliate marketing is the best and easiest way to make money online(1)

I don't know how many times I have to say this in nearly every blog post, but you don't have to be an expert at affiliate marketing to make good money. There are people who are called super affiliates that are definitely experts, but you must crawl before you begin to walk.

The goal here is to keep things super simple and make money so that you can live your life in freedom. I remember when I hit my first $500 in a month using Fiverr. The feeling was unbelievable! Making money online was something that was looked at as being impossible. I tried all sorts of things to make money in the past and it just never worked. Although I read the books (because video courses were not a thing back then...), I just couldn't figure it out.

As I mentioned before, Fiverr is one of the platforms I mention in my Free Video Course and I thank God for them! They made it simple for me to make my first dollar online and I've never looked back. Since then I have taken baby steps and now I'm into product creation. I also build websites, I'm a Facebook Marketer, and I even do real estate.

The point that I'm making is that I started somewhere. I wasn't born making money on the internet. I was in a desperate situation where I had to find something that created extra income, and making money on Fiverr was a vehicle for me. I used Fiverr to get orders, and then I placed my affiliate links within my orders. My $5 order turned into $100, and before you know it, I was easily making $200 a month from 1 affiliate product.

You don't have to take the same journey as me so that you can attain your freedom, but if I'm able to help you make money to get you the lifestyle that you desire, then it is a mission complete for me!


You can make profits in any niche

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I know that I specialize in internet marketing of all of sorts, but my website isn't just about making money in the internet marketing niche. The purpose of my website is to help you take what you already know, and turn those experiences, those passions, your love for things, and turning that into money.

EVERYTHING that I teach when it comes to internet marketing can used in any niche. Whether you are into public speaking, sports and fitness, or dog training, affiliate marketing can be implemented and you can still make a boat-ton of money. I have multiple websites outside of the niche of internet marketing, but the same principles apply to them all.

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