Affiliate Blogging Ninja is a product that Shreya Banerjee released in April of 2017 that reveals her techniques and tactics to starting a blog and developing affiliate income. I purchased and have implemented everything that she has taught and I’m giving you the inside scoop to get a real idea about the video course.

affiliate blogging ninja bannerHer claim to fame for this video course is that she promises that you can do this in 2 hours work per week. To her credit, she is not saying that you will get rich by this much time on your blog, but she does say you can make some good profits.


Before purchasing, I had to have looked at her sales page for a whole month, every day. At that point in my businesses, I got tired of buying a whole bunch of new courses to find the next profitting method. I wanted to work with something that I could steadily build upon to make real results instead of fast quick results that may be temporary. You have to understand that I have created my own courses and I’ve also had some success in some niches when it comes to internet marketing. The thing that made this super attractive to me is that I have 3 other websites that I have not done anything to! So why not try to build my blogs?


The purpose of the program is to teach you how to create a website, how to provide the necessary content to make tour website attractive and reader-friendly, and then bring traffic/customers to that website. When you have customers coming to your website, you will then have multiple affiliate offers for your customers to purchase. This is how you make your money as passive income because the blog will be doing the work while you’re asleep.

affiliate blogging ninjaAfter purchasing her program, I devoured it quickly. I think I went through the whole course in 24 hours. I was hungry and wanted to figure this blog thing out because I see the potential in it!  At first site, you could tell that this program was well thought-out and professional. For the price, she really did a great job with the physical presentation and the style videos. She has multiple modules and each video in the modules are easily digestible sizes, being 3-7min long, each.

affiliate blogging ninja I began to put use of everything that she had taught in her course. Like I said earlier, I’m very knowledgeable of the tips and techniques taught since I have already created my own websites. Terminology seemed to be a bit elementary to me, but I can see it being difficult for someone’s first time creating a website. I wished that she went a little bit deeper on some subjects that she taught to give more advanced techniques, but again, this was for the beginner and intermediate blogger. Experienced bloggers will already have implemented many of the things taught.


You will look at Shreya Banerjee’s screen as she shows you everything on how to buy a domain, install wordpress on the website, how to provide the proper content for the blog that you created in your niche, and how to shop for the proper affiliate offers for your niche. Sure, you can find a lot of this information on the internet somewhere, or even youtube, but there is nothing out there to walk you through the steps like Shreya does in Affiliate Blogging Ninja. The coolest things that reveals is how she ranks her Youtube videos when it comes to making money with affiliate marketing. This is one of many “ninja” techniques that she shows that the average marketer doesn’t know about. Although this may be geared toward the beginner and intermediate, there’s definitely little tidbits that can bless the expert.


Here are few things that I like and dislike about Affiliate Blogging Ninja by Shreya Banerjee:


-Affiliate Blogging Ninja takes you by the hand and gives you a good step by step plan to begin your blog

-Makes it easy to narrow down affiliate offers to select

-Give multiple ways to make money with blogs

-Gives great examples of how she makes money and you can see her personal accounts as examples

-Shreya comes across as very honest with integrity

-I love the flow that the course went in. Made it easy to understand and follow

-give small actionable steps to feel like you’re making progress



-Wish she would have gone a little deeper with more advanced information about making money with blogs

-  she doesn’t elaborate much on the different WordPress themes other than the one that she uses, which is a paid theme for a blog

- Gives techniques that actually monetizes blog, but would’ve loved to go more in depth of monetizing blogs with techniques

-Shows how to get results with a couple $100 per day and per week, but doesn’t show how to scale up to make the full potential of blogging (there are bloggers that go into how to make $100,000s in blogging)



I really enjoyed the Affiliate Blogging Ninja video course by Shreya Banerjee. It was actually a breath of fresh air. Being that I have a foot inside of the internet marketing niche, I see a ton of products that a copied from others where it is obvious that the creator has not produced the results that they claim. Shreya has kids and she is very transparent on the fact that she has to do these things in her spare time so she can tend to her children. I love that! I’m a person of integrity and character. I do not like dishonest people or products.


This course is for you if you’re looking for something that real produce results and if you’re willing to choose something and will stick with it as it grows. Blogging is still something that everyone has not caught on to. It takes a special type of person to stick with it, but the results are very rewarding in the long-term. You will not make millions of dollars with these techniques alone, but you can replace a part-time income or a full-time income if you spend more than 2 hours a day on these techniques taught.


Affiliate Blogging Ninja will teach you everything that it promises. It may exceed your expectations but it will not go above and beyond unless you take advantage of some of the free bonuses that she offers. She gives you what to expect, and you will not be disappointed in what she delivers.


Final Grade of Course:


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