Because the headline of this article brings such demanding attention, I'm going to get straight to the point in  this blog post. NO FLUFF!!


There's a launch that I plan on participating in during the upcoming months. The seller's product is going to be for $1997. His commission for me when  I bring traffic to his product and make a sale is 50%. In otherwords, if I bring someone from Facebook to his link to buy his product, and they purchase it, I get a whopping total of $998.50 as a commission!This is affiliate marketing.

Now imagine if I did this 5 times in a month! That turns into $4992.50 within the course of 30 days. Now I hope I can bring in at least 10 people to purchase but I have to work a little hard at doing that. I'm trying to make this a $10,000 month. Do you want to know the best part about all of this is? I won't have to spend a dime from out of my pockets to take advantage of this opportunity. This is what happens when you're taking advantage of what is called Affiliate Marketing.

5 Must dos to $1000 a month making money online


There are tons of affiliate networks to make money from because people are  looking to sell their products and services to the masses. This is why Amazon has blown up! All you have to do is find a good offer and then promote it. THIS IS THE EASIEST time to become a millionaire in the history of man. We have social media mediums such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, and they are all free to drive traffic to your affiliate links. You can even use things such as Craigslist, and Backpage to post links for traffic. There are forums, and other websites that you can utilize to your benefit and they are all FREE platforms!


As technology becomes more popular, the ability to create solid, strong relationships with other individuals have diminished. People as a whole have lost the skills to be personable, without feeling awkward because of the fact that they are on social media all of the time. They simply don't know how to deal with people anymore! and social media is not bad when used properly.


SUCCESSFUL affiliate marketing, like any other business, is all about relationships. All the technology in the world helps, but creating solid partnerships and leveraging friendships is what will propel your profits to the next level. That way, when you're able to tell people about a product that you're promoting, everyone would buy. This is the reason why I created this post for you... 5 Must-Do's To $1000 Per Month online.


1) Find a commission-paying Affiliate Network

There are a ton of affiliate networks out there to find phenomenal products. Here are 3 that I currently use. Choose 2-3 and sign up.


jvzoo clickbankshareasale




2)Find a HOT Product That Will Drive You Profits

After signing up with one of the affiliate networks, find a product that you would use and like. This is not madatory, but I recommend that you purchase it and use the heck out of it! "Why" you may ask? The best testimonial of a product that works good, is you!

If you really like the product after using it or implementing it, tell the world how good the product or service is. You will do this by creating articles and making videos of the results you received. People love honest opinions. Talk about the reasons why you like the product and why you do not like the product/what can be improved.

At the same time, if you choose not to purchase the product, make sure you research it, and then create testimonials whether it is written or by video. This can be done on your extra time. The more content you throw out there, the more sales you make. This all can be done in 2 hours with 1 or 2 days out of the week.

I go into detail of how to do this in my free video course. Just opt into the box at the beginning of this blog post and it will be emailed to you.


3) Get Your Affiliate Link

Get the affiliate link of the product after you've created your testimonials about it, and place that link somewhere in the description area or within the content that you've created. You do this so that the person watching or reading your content can click on your affiliate link to the product being sold. 

You want to get paid right? This is necessary so the affiliate network knows who to credit the commissions to. I remember doing this myself, and I began to get checks in the mail from out of no-where! I would consistently get $49 and $100 checks in the mail. After I figured out that people were buying an affiliate offer of mine from a specific link, I began to ramp up my efforts to make more money:)


4) Grind Time

Like I said previously, with your affiliate link, all you have to do is post it in different places so others can click it. Some ideas may be somewhere in an article that you wrote. Place the affiliate link in the description of a video that you created on youtube describing the advantages and disadvantages of the product, this is called a testimonial. 

The secret is to post your content 1 to 2+ times a week on various platforms. It's that easy. I go through this process in my free video course. Get access on How To Make $5000-$1000 Per Month online, below.


5) Cha-Ching! Money In Yo' Pocket

Collect your check from your new affiliate commissions when someone buys!

Whether in affiliate marketing or any other type of business venture, us business-seekers like to make things way more complicated than what it actually is. Making money with Affiliate marketing is definitely in that category because there are so many different directions that you can take it. The process is truly as simple as above, but it is the speed in which we want results that make things complicated. In Shreya Banejeree's video course, Affiliate Blogging Ninja, she explains and breaks down the process of using a blog to produce commissions checks on a regular basis. Click here to see my honest review of her product here.


I have taken her course and it has helped me a lot to stream my business and I have now taken my affiliate marketing to the next level.  I recommend that you use the 5 Must-Do's that I mentioned above, with multiple products for more desirable results. Many times you can contact the seller and tell them that you want a review copy to create a testimonial for their product. Some may send you the product for free and some may not. It's ok if they don't. It's part of the game.


You don't have to purchase solo ads, facebook ads, or any other type of ads in order to take full advantage of this market. After you make your first few sales, then you can step your game up and purchase traffic and really make the big bucks. Once you get a little handle on things, enter some contests on product launches and win prize money! So many doors open to you at this point.


I want you to make money. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I will do my best to answer them.

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