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Let us help you plan your next event, conference, or seminar, in order to boost your business.

Versatile and creative. We work with powerful minds that think outside the box to push the boundaries to bring forth greatness.

Work with us in order to achieve the most pleasurable experience possible. Our integrity and character is what matters most.

Working together to create the best solution for your achievements. Working with faith-based and non-faith-based entities to bring forth positive change in KC.
What is Agora?
We Put
Structure To
Your Ideas To
Make Your Dreams
Come Alive!
Agora Consulting, LLC is located in Kansas City, MO. The name Agora, in Greek means "public square" or "meeting place" where the meeting of greatness comes to place to express creativity and ideas.

In Acts 19:19 Paul is talking in the public square. This is where the greatest philosophers and thinkers of the time would come to speak. The audience members then would have to take the things learned back to their community and tribes, and THAT is how CHANGE was made.
Equipping Those
Who Dare To
Believe That
1 Person Can
Truly Change
The World
Agora Consulting planned a well-rounded event that we were privileged to be apart of. It was a professional and productive show. The communication before, during, and after the show was amazing! Thanks Agora! ~Mosaiq
MosaiqSpoken Word Artists/Singers - Charlotte, NC
The show was dope!
Sho BarakaInternational Recording Artist/Community Activist - Atlanta, GA
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  • Professional Real Estate Coaching
  • Internet Marketing Services & Coaching
  • Professional Speakers & Voiceover Services
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