Being an entrepreneur can be one of the most rewarding things on the planet when you experience monetary successes! On the other hand, when there isn't success...WHEW! IT SUCKS! You put your finances in jeopardy, relationships, and worst of all, your time. When I was at the brink of quitting my entrepreneur journey, I gave it one more shot. THIS WAS IT! ALL OR NOTHING!


I had enough money to buy 30 days worth on intensive 1on1 coaching with real estate guru Jamel Gibbs. I previously had purchased his smaller programs and I was amazed at the fact that his programs were all better than the ones where I paid close to $10,000 for a whole year's worth of coaching where I kept being passed on from person to person (it was a team of coaches), which resulted in me not being able to close a deal in 2 years. Talk about spending a lot of money....


I really enjoyed internet marketing, but I had to make this real estate thing work. IF this didn't work, I was just going to settle with being an average individual in the world, going to work at a 9-5 every morning, and eventually having kids some day, and dreaming about what could have happened. Instead I took the big step of faith and action (not to mention money lol).


I had paid my money to Jamel and  when it came time for the scheduled call, I got sweaty palms! I called in to the conference number that he emailed me previously, and I couldn't believe it. It was actually him that I was talking to on the phone! The first thing he did was ask me what I was doing to close deals. I proceeded to tell him something like this:

"Well sir, I've been doing a lot of things but I just can't close  deal. I've been doing a lot of courses and I've tried to get in contact with a realtor so they can find me deals, I've tried sending researching for foreclosed properties, I paid $2,500 for a program that allows me to see pre-foreclosed properties, and right now I'm trying to do lease options. But my bandit signs come in soon so I will be placing those out too."


I had a lot more to share, but he cut me off and said:

"whoa, whoa. STOP. "

Here I am on the phone with this guy that I paid money to and he's already telling me to stop. I felt embarrassed, but I was hoping he had something good to tell me after giving me a tongue lashing! He then proceeded to say:

"You can't be doing all of this stuff kid". Pick one thing and let's stick with that. After you close a couple deals, then we'll move on to the next thing."


He told me to put out bandit signs for the next 30 days and that's what I did. To my amazement, I got my first deals 2 weeks after he gave me the instruction! What!? Could it have been this easy all along? Yes.


I proceeded to net close to $10,000 on 2 deals within 30 days. I then was able to take that money and place it towards an engagement ring that I had for my girlfriend, whom I am married to now. So what changed? How did I go from nearly quitting, to making the big bucks in no time? A coach, and consistency.


This was a really huge lesson for me in life. After seeing how this played out in a real estate deal, I realized that I had this problems in other areas of my personal life. I would pick something up, do it a little bit, put it down and do something else that looks cool. I would do this to cleaning my house, homework while I was in school, meal prepping for my week, and many other places! I could start, but I could not finish!


Jamel Gibbs, as my personal coach taught me what it was like to have a vision, create a plan, give it a real chance before moving on to something else, and seeing it through until you got results. I heard a statistic that if business owners were to get mentors and coaches who have achieved what the business owner desired, the business owners would experience a 2-3 year shortcut to success in their businesses. Jamel Gibbs himself even told me that every monumental pivot in his businesses where his income and profits went up was because he took advice from someone who was doing better than him, and he then implemented what that person told him to do. In other words, my mentor's success was based upon getting advice from another mentor! He then had to follow through with action and stay-the-course by being consistent until he saw the changes in his business.


If you have something that you're trying to make work and you're not getting the results, stick with it for a solid 30-60 days. Give it an earnest effort! Why do you think that so many products, courses and services have a 30 day guarantee? They know if you IMPLEMENT what they teach, you will get results. How are they positive about your results? It's because they did themselves.


You need a coach in your life. In this case, a coach is someone who has done what you're looking to achieve. This can be in sports, business, teaching, speaking, life itself, whatever it is. Find someone who has done it and make sure their life values match up with yours, work with that coach and be consistent with every little small piece of instruction or advice that they give to you.


Pay the price of whatever it is. If you don't have the money, find the money! Ask people to invest in you, find something that helps you make money so that you can save up until you can purchase the programs! I did this myself as well! I hadn't closed a deal in a while and I didn't want to reach in my own pocket to pay for internet marketing coaching with Fergal Downdes. So I found ways to make money on the internet to make the amount proposed for his coaching! Go through my video course to see and learn the exact same methods as to how I did it and how you can do it too:

By staying consistent after a failed product launch, I was able to join forces with Fergal Downdes and then sold over 300+ units of my first successful digital product.


Don't waste your time trying to take the cheap way out by buying ebook after ebook to try and learn the systems by yourself. Get the money, buy coaching, and working with a mentor 1on1 so they can help you be accountable, and you will get to where you need to be in no time. I would guarantee that but of course I can't make you do the work once instruction is give. Some of you are lazy ya know;)


When I do coaching, my job is to see where my students are failing so I can find out what will work for that particular individual and their business. I do this for those who are just getting in real estate and looking to get that first deal or maybe they want deals more consistently. I also work with those who have ideas on making money on the internet or they want to know how to transition their business to online because traditional businesses are going out of style. Sometimes a 30min or an hour phone call is all you need to help you see your profits increase! The value of a coach! What is that value worth for you!?! For me, it was thousands, but I'm grateful that I made that investment.


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