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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How Fast Can I Get Started?
Since this course is a pdf format, you have the abillity to go through it as fast as you want. After going throuhg it, you can have your campaigns going literally in minutes.

Do I Need Any To Invest and Experience To Start?
Not at all. All you need is your computer, the internet, and this course. It is up to you to take action. The course will not work by itself.

Does this course require SEO techniques
No, this course does not require seo techniques. If you want to go that route, you are welcomed to do so, but simply applying what I layed out in the course is all you really need.

How Do I Get a Refund?
You can get the refund only if you have implemented the methods taught. You must send me 2 screenshots of your account and 2 screenshots of you attempting to reproduce what was taught in the course. I will then send you a refund. after your request.
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