Before I begin, I have to throw a disclaimer from the reader out there. The fastest way to 6 figures in your   business is for those who already have a business or someone looking to start their businesses, and they are desiring to a realistic way of achieving their goals without selling their souls.

I had to give you my disclaimer because there are a ton of ways to make 6 figures in your businesses. There is no 1 way, but there are many ways to getting to the same goal. Why the magical number is seem to be 6 figures? I don’t have the exact answer to that, however I have been in entrepreneurship long enough to know one of the best kept secrets to making 6 figures and beyond so you can enjoy life and even retire early!

One of the tricks to having a well-greased income machine is to have loyal customers and following. The mindset of a traditional business is changing. Why should I focus on getting 100 new customers each month to keep my business afloat when I can focus more on getting 100 customers and keeping those same customers as repeat buyers every month? Doesn’t that sound a little bit more relieving?

I know of a marketer that has a high ticket item and he shows you how to get loyal customers to spend at least $100 a month. If you’re able to replicate his model, which means each customer is worth $1200 a year when they work with you in some capacity.  With 100 customers, that equates to $120,000 a year. Am I changing your mindset yet? Am I challenging your mindset?

To make a business run like this, I recommend implementing email marketing so that you can always be in touch with your customers. Stay in touch with them and send emails to them that has value in it. Don’t just sell things because you want to build rapport and trust. Now, this is where the magic happens as we move to the next step to creating that awesome payday.

In my blogpost why everyone should have a high ticket item, I spoke about the necessity of why you have a high ticket item for your business. I can’t stress enough on how essential it is to have a high ticket item for your business. It helps scale your business beautifully, and leverages time like nothing else…when it is done correctly.

In the blog post, I gave an example of someone selling a $1,000 product. Let’s take that same example and apply it here. If you have 100 loyal, buying, customers, you already know that you can create something and they will buy it from you. You can customize a high ticket item to your audience beforehand by sending out an email to your list, asking them something like, “what are your biggest struggles right now in business?”, or something else like “if there was one thing you could learn about in your business, what would it be?”.  After getting this information, you can go and create a high ticket item based on the feedback you received. Mark that bad-boy with the $1,000 price tag that I mentioned earlier and you’re ready to go.


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I listened to an awesome podcast by Amy Porterfield and Victoria Gibson and they were talking about high ticket items. One of the things that Amy Porterfield recommends is that after creating a high ticket item, stick with it for a whole year. The mistake that I see many people do is that they come out with multiple flagship programs during the course of the year. If you’re using the example that I’m drawing out here, chances are that your 100 customers are not going to all buy on the same days. If each person on your list is worth $1200, you have to give it a year to promote that product to get the full effect. If you create this item, and then another one 3 months from now, you have not given your loyal customers the chance to take advantage of your offer. Ka-peesh?

Now just to be clear, you do not need a minimum of 100 customers. That is not what I’m saying. By all means, please exceed 100 customers! Get as many as you can! IF you have less loyal, buying customers, it’s ok but you will work harder to achieve those goals. Unless, of course you only need 5 customers to buy your $20,000 high ticket itemJ it’s totally up to you on how to work your own business.

The science of the 6 figure business is super simple. Tai Lopez always says its easy if you break profits down by the month. I agree with him. I’ve broken it down to the number of customers in my method. If you think of building a loyal customer base and then creating a high ticket item that is worth at least $1,000 minimum, you can easily do some damage in 12 months. Don’t worry about the latest and greatest technique and course that comes out. I’m huge on consistency. Pick something and stick with it. Grow your subscribers and customers, groom them, and then sell your high ticket item. Your 6-figure road is that easy. Holla at me when you get that AHA-moment! Leave some comments below and tell me what you loved!