Over the past 2-3 years, Facebook has become the most powerful advertising platform known to man. Google is still the largest, but Facebook allows you to zero in and specify your target market audience like none other. You are able to find an audience based on their education level, how much they make per year, and even the tv shows that they watch! Don't believe me? Let me show you something.


When I first stumbled upon this tool a few years ago, I was deeply amazed by the power that I possessed as a marketer. I now would be able to know exactly what my consumers would be interest in, and would now be able to shine the light on any secrets they had on Facebook. Sounds scary right? It kind of is. The tool that I used was the Facebook Insights tool.


This is not anything new. This has been out for quite sometime. I have taken the Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency course and Joe Soto does a small little tutorial on the Facebook Audience Insights tool, but I used it way before this course came out. If you take a closer look, you can dominate any niche, and the gold is the result when you find your target market audience of your desire. This can be done in less than 10min once you get good at it.


Before I go into detail about how I use this tool, let me explain what it is. When you sign into Facebook and you begin to play the games, you like certain pictures, you follow certain business pages, you notate the restaurants you eat at by “checking in” on your status, and you naturally give comments on certain posts. Facebook keeps track of it ALL. EVERY single thing that you do on Facebook is tracked and placed inside their pool of information.


In return, myself as a marketer is now able to access the information of a typical user who like certain pages in a specific country or region, and I'm able to send ads towards those individuals. I mean...it only makes sense right? Facebook does all of the hard work so people like me can spend tons of money for advertising. Would you not agree that this is a genius idea?


Now, let's take something as simply as Football. Being that I'm in America, I want to use this example to talk about American Football. Let's say I'm a local sports apparel store and I want to spend some of my marketing dollars on Facebook ads and I need to find the type of people that purchase that type of stuff. First, I will narrow in on the place where I want to target. In this case, it is a specific city. I live in Kansas City, so let's go with that:

facebook audience insight

After choosing the city, I can now see all tons of information to make better decisions on my marketing. I can see the ages in Kansas City that are on Facebook, and demographics. Now, since I'm doing this as an apparel store for Football, let's narrow down the audience to people who have interest in Football.

facebook audience insight demographics

As you see in the results, you will notice that within the demographics there has been a shift in the age groups. In the ages 45-65+ there is no activity. Is this graph 100% percent accurate? Most likely not, but it does give us a very good idea when it comes to your target market audience on Facebook. According to this graph, I should be targeting both men and women from the ages 18-44.


Since I'm a local apparel shop and I may want to target those who have a higher household income, I can look and see what categories fits best for my desires. If you look at the graph, it is telling us that those there is a higher average than normal of those who have a household average of $125k-$250 income, who live in Kansas City and interested in American Football.

facebook audience insight household incomeDo you see how powerful this is?!?!


I now don't have to waste money on testing other demographics because I know exactly who may be interested in football apparel for my store and the household income average is high enough to where I know they can afford to spend money.


This practice will work for any business, any niche, any hobby, etc. If you are able to learn this method of learning how to narrow down your target market audience by using the Facebook Audience Insight tool, you will be light years ahead of any competition because you know the shortcut. While people are using Google adwords and keyword planner, you are more occupied with laser targeting instead of guessing.


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