As you should know, the biggest excitement that I get is when I help another person achieve a goal. With the help of someone that has gone through and experienced what you're trying to accomplish, you can conquer anything at a much quicker rate. Here's an example of me helping someone who was interested in starting business, and I helped him make $3,000 in 21 days.

My wife worked with this guy not too long ago and somehow he found out that I was into real estate. He began to ask her questions about it because he was very interested in getting started since he's been doing tons of research on He wanted learn how to close his first wholesale deal, and after he approached me, I wanted to help. That's the Emancipation Occupation way!

The gentleman wanted to become a student of mine and learn everything I knew, but of course I couldn't just cast my pearls out to swine. I didn't know his work ethic, I didn't know if he was persistent or even if he was a good listener, but I did see his hunger. Did I mention he wanted me to do this for FREE:-/ He had already had a few leads from a previous mailing campaign and got cheated from one of them.

I showed him what to do to avoid his mistakes, and to my knowledge, he has never made that mistake since then. The power of a coach! He then went out and purchased more marketing for more leads. I told him when he begins to get calls from the sellers, call me after he sets appointments up to go see the house. I went and saw 3 houses with him. I showed him what to look for, how to come against objections from the sellers that wanted way more for their house than what it was worth, what contracts to sign, etc., etc.

It took me years of experience to learn the very things that I taught him in a matter of a week. To his credit, he was taking massive action. You, as an entrepreneur have to be willing to take massive action when in business. Jamel Gibbs, my real estate mentor would always tell me, "massive action brings massive results kid".

With my help, we were able to put down contracts on 2 of the 3 homes in a matter of a few days! The week before, my student had no deals, and now he had 2 houses under contract for a total of a few thousand dollars. Things speed up when you have an experienced coach! He then got one more call.

This call came for my student to look at the property in order to give the seller a price for the offer. My schedule didn't allow me to go with him to see the property with him, but I was sure that I gave him enough of training of what to look for. He called me and asked about some foundation issues with the house and I gave him the "ok" to negotiate with the seller to put an offer on the property. We discussed the price that my student was to ask for, and I told him to tell the seller that he'd only pay $3,000. This was the moment of truth because he hated negotiating! This was the first time he was doing the whole process from "a" to "z" without my help, after "showing him the ropes".

I waited for a day, and then I finally got the phone call. The seller accepted his offer! It's on! At this price, I knew he could find a buyer who would pay $6,000 for the property. This would give my student a $3,000 payday! He got the house under contract for 21 days. For those who are not familiar with real estate in the case of a wholesale, this is a grace period in which you go pitch your deal to someone else who will pay more than the amount that you got the house under contract for. 21 days is plenty of time for to market this property. This was going to be an EASYYYY $3,000 for him. Here's the text he sent me right after finding out his offer was accepted:


(Yes, this was a message I received on my flip phone. Don't Hate)

During this time of marketing to the cash buyers on his list, he got very nervous. No one wanted to buy it. I've been preaching to him for weeks that he needed to grow his buyer's list. The more buyers that you have on your list, the easier it is to sell the property. My student didn't have many cash buyers to begin with! With this said, he didn't sell the property immediately and he was very discouraged. He asked me what to do next, and I told him something like:

"Don't worry about it. You don't have a strong buyer's list. The next thing you need to do is go to Home Depot or Lowes...and buy some bandit signs so you can get a particular kind of buyer." (white signs to write on and place in the ground for others to see)

I told him to write on the bandit signs about the property description of the property, to put his phone number under it, and put 10 or more of them out within a 3 or 4 block radius. Keep in mind that I was nervous for him because I didn't know if he was going to do this or not. Again, I didn't know his work ethic.

To my surprise, he called me just a few short days later and assured me that he already had a buyer that was ready to buy the house cash that day, and my student was ready to get his $3,000 assignment fee to close his first deal on his own!

When it was time to go to the closing company, I went and met him so he could express what it was like to get his own check for the work he put in on his own. He was elated with joy. Can you imagine what this felt like? To research a method that can bring tons of money, and then to do while holding a check in your hand! Wow! I remember what it felt like when I got my first check.  Seeing a comma in all of those numbers and knowing that I was able to put it in my bank. EXPLAINABLE!

Now, I'm an entrepreneur who is a professional real estate coach who has coached numerous deals on my own, I've had a successful product launch and created tons of new digital products, and I'm a Facebook marketer that helps other businesses grow online. If your desire is be to be successful in wither real estate, product launches or you're looking to grow your business on the internet, I would like to speak to you and help you on your endeavors.

Right now at the moment, I am doing one on one phone consultations for anyone who needs a boost in their ideas or their business. Sometimes you're just one action away from making big profits in your business. Remember, I do have a business-consulting business so helping entrepreneur minded people like yourself is what I love to do. I won't be offering this service for long though.

I put my reputation on the line for helping you out. If we do not make any type of progress on the phone consultation, I will refund 100% of your money back. This is for REAL SERIOUS people only. If I can tell that you're not being serious in the first 5min of the phone call and I know you're just calling to see what free info you can get from me, I will hang up asap. I don't want to waste your time, and please do not waste my time. I don't have to offer this service. People pay other's thousands of dollars to speak with someone who has my type of knowledge and expertise.

For a 60min call, I'm only making it available to you for $97. If you think that is too expensive, then this service is not for you and I make no apologies for that. I truly want to work with people who want to get somewhere in life. There's no tricks to this offer. Just $97. To get started, click the picture below.

60 Min Phone Consultation(1)As always, its a pleasure to share all of this free information with you. If you have any questions, send me an email, contact me on social media, whatever. Just get in touch with me:) Take what I taught in this blog post and really take it to heart. Try it out and watch the hard work pay off!