It is the New Years and Anik Singal is at it again, and causing more controversy that ever! If you're reading my Inbox Blueprint 2.0 review  2018, you're probably asking the following questions: Is this product legit? Is it scam? Can you actually get real results from it? I will be going through this IN DETAIL as well as giving my honest opinion. Strap up your seat belt! This could be a bumpy ride.

inbox blueprint 2.0 dashboardSome Background On Anik Singal and Inbox Blueprint

Anik Singal is a super successful internet marketing guru. He has been known for his huge product launches and high ticket items that are not affordable to the average person. Though his price point is high, he has promised big returns if the techniques and methods in his courses were implemented.

Over the passed year or so, Anik has made a huge shift in his products after he created the Lurn Academy. Through this he takes at philanthropy with the small portions of profits and he also dropped his price points tremendously to teach other newbies and amateurs in the making online space, the ins and outs of making their first sales online. 

With that said, I don't want to waste anymore time because you're here to get the inside scoop on the Inbox Blueprint 2.0 review to see if this is a solid program or not. For me to give you my honest answer, you have to know that I was part of the original purchasers of Inbox Blueprint 1...his first launch.

At that time, it was crazy for a person to give up $997 of their hard earned cash for a digital product. Not so much today, even though it is still a lot of money to come by. I will say it was a little more uncommon in 2014 than it is now. It was a groundbreaking course because Anik was giving away the secrets to this thing called email marketing.

This was before Facebook marketing was popular, let alone any type of social media marketing. You had to learn how to write ezine articles, and create hyperlinks within the content in order to bring free traffic to your landing page. However, this program taught you how to crank up your traffic within hours so you didn't have to grind with the "hustle-methods" of putting links in every type of forum known to man. He broke down the magic of solo ads.

For those who took the course and tried the free methods while using the templates provided to make landing page, they learned something new, gained results, and made money. The REAL results and testimonials came from those who purchased solo ads and got instant results and profits within 24hrs. I was the one trying to do ALL of the free methods, hustling my butt off to only see small results here and there, until I invested and spent money (the money that I really didn't have) on solo ad campaigns. Once I was able to see and harness the power of an autoresponder, an optin form, and paid traffic, my eyes were opened to a whole new world. It took me a solid year to be satisfied with the 1.0 version.

Although it was a great program, I hate reading. Unfortunately, the 1.0 version was 90% text. Am I a lazy person who doesn't like to read? Don't like to read...yes. Let's keep in mind that this was in 2014 before Youtube became the video tutorial capital of the world.

How you like me now?

Since the release of the 1.0 version, a 2.0 version was released a few years later with some improvements. Before you know it, the doors were closed and we didn't know if they'd be open again...until now. In this Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review for 2018 you will notice that the modules are still basically the same but with a bunch of updated information. You're also able to mark the modules off as you complete them this time around. A lot has changed and Anik has even taken a deeper dive into Facebook Ads with this one.

inbox blueprint module 1

The biggest change is probably the fact that the Inbox Blueprint 2.0 has way more video than the original version. THANK GOD! I was feeling like I was at a silent movie, just reading the captions 🙂 I have purchased a ton of products in my lifetime as an internet marketer. I've noticed that the quality seems to be going down, and that's because the use of computer camera and phones are being used and is accepted as a professional method for recording. All of the videos that Anik does in this course are done with professional cameras. 

Don't get me wrong, there are some marketing gurus who promote using your camera phone to make money. I'm not going against that at all! I created a fiverr course on how to use your phone with video testimonials so people can make their first dollars online. I advocate not spending thousands on professional equipment. However, my point is that Anik didn't cut any corners while creating this course for his prospective students. He really spent a lot of time and money investing in his own program, and you can tell. To be honest, tere are some SUPER EXPENSIVE programs that I invested in recently and they were not near the professional quality as Anik's video's. This is what separates him apart from many other marketers.

inbox blueprint home page  

I'm super excited about the new techniques that he's teaching regarding traffic. He always puts a twist on things so that it is different and more effective than everybody else. Now there comes a warning with this. There is generally some type of learning curve with his techniques. This means you will have to sit downl learn, and repeat these things over and over to get good at them so that you can be an expert. Does his techniques and methodology work? Yes. Does it take time? In some cases. In his free methods, it takes time, but Anik is huge when it comes to pad traffic so results can be driven a lot faster.  


If you look below, you will see some of the topics that are included in this Inbox Blueprint 2.0 review for 2018 that is not available in the 1st version is Twitter, Yahoo Answers, and a few other things. Since I am a Facebook marketer for myself, as having a small social media marketing company that works with small business, one of the things that instantly jumped out at me was the Facebook Advanced strategies that is being taught. inbox blueprint free traffic

The last thing I will talk about in this review regarding the program is what is called the "Launchpad". This is what truly separates version 1 from version 2. The Launchpad something that is internally integrated as a all-in-one built-in tool that allows you to build your optin pages, your "free giveaway", and your offers, in a matter of minutes. I can't lie to you, but this changes that whole game right here. No one else is doing this.

You don't have to go out and find offers, you don't have to find someone else to pay and create a optin page/squeeze page for your free giveaway, and you don't even have to go to your autoresponder to create a mail sequences....because it's all accessible in the Launchpad. His Launchpad alone is probably worth the amount of the course itself. I'm not kidding. It really cuts your time down significantly.

inbox blueprint launchpad dashboard

There are a few more things I'd like to touch on, but if you're anything like me, you don't want to read much more. If you made it this far, congrats. Give yourself a pat on a back.



Since I already had the original version, I already had an idea what to expect. To my amazement, I was wow-ed with the upgrades. The extra content and bonuses that is given is great, but what really did it for me was the Launchpad.

What tends to happen in the internet marketing world is that someone does something innovative and new that changes the landscape of the marketing/niche. Then everyone else tries to copy it, but it's too late. The Launchpad is the next innovative idea. It's the first wheel that was created by the cavemen. Sure, it has an expensive pricetag on it, but the program can change your life.

I address more of the pros and cons in my Inbox Blueprint 2.0 review 2018 Youtube video below because I simply didn't have the time or space to put everything here. Take a second and watch. you may learn a thing a two.


Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review

Name: Inbox Blueprint 2.0



My Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5.

Comments: Great program, but very expensive. Recommend that you have money for paid advertising to maximize opportunity to it's fullest potential.