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plan the perfect holiday corporate event party

How To Plan The Perfect Holiday Corporate Event


When it comes to that time of the year, you need to be able to have what it takes to plan the perfect holiday corporate event or party. If you're successful, you'll be enshrined in corporate hall of fame! Making a holiday corporate event or party is no easy task for the host who is organizing it. Whether you are an event planner, assistant, CEO, President, etc., you will be a genius with these golden-tips below so that you will be praised for putting on such an awesome event. With a number of events under my belt, here is what's needed for your next corporate event:




Food is the number one thing that you need in order to throw the perfect holiday corporate event! Some of the most important and impactful moments happen around food. In the southern states of America, places like Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia, social events happen around restaurants and foods.

In today's time of professional events and seminars, adding a beverage to pair with the food is another huge plus. Complimentary beer or wine goes a long way with your attendees. Don't worry, this is acceptable in business environments.

To encourage engagement with others in the corporate event, make different stations with small finger foods so there isn't anybody standing around in awkward moments. You can even have special caterers such as local companies that add a twist to the traditional foods.

How to plan for the perfect holidy corporate event


Integration of Social Media


Social Media is a fantastic way to make the perfect holiday corporate event for your company. You can do cool things like making a special “hashtag” so that only your attendees can see all of the pictures that were taken that night.

For example, if your corporate event is called XYZ Party, your hashtag could be #XYZholidayparty. Now, whenever someone who is at the event takes a picture and within their status they post “#XYZholidayparty”, only those who are familiar with the hashtag name will be able to see it. The social media platform will automatically group together every single picture taken that night for everybody to see. How fun is that?!? Here's an example of using #XYZholidayparty.

hashtag example

Social Media could be used as an ice breaker. What if you have everyone eating your great food, but at the same time you give a contest reward for the best picture taken with a friend? You could have everyone take a picture, put up the hashtag as I just explained, and you choose the contest winners for the best pictures. This enforces fun engagement for which creates an electrical atmosphere. Get creative with social media! Facebook, Twitter,'s all free!

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The 4-Letter-F-Word


The 4-letter “F” word! My favorite word! FREE, that is. I don't know what 4 letter “F” word you were thinking about :-/ I don't know about you, but everyone loves FREE stuff! When you start giving away free stuff, the crowd comes in droves from out of no-where. Add free stuff to food, and social media, and you have an equation for a volcano of fun and memories.

Something simple you can do without breaking the corporate budget is to find cheap gift cards. Find some simple gift cards that is for everyday use. Purchase a few $10 gas cards at the local gas stations, or maybe get a gift voucher that can be applied at the most popular restaurant in town. The awesome part of giveaways is that even if you don't find enough reasons to giveaway all of the gift cards or prizes, you can keep them for later as prizes and rewards for your employees. Gift cards and rewards are proven to lower retention rates. Use them!

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how to plan for the perfect holiday corporate event

The Disney World Experience


Do you know why Disney World is so popular? It is because they bring what's in people's imagination into manifestation. That which one may think is not real, is then brought forth right before your eyes. It's not called the magical kingdom for no reason! This is why people travel from around the world, from every country, just to spend a week in Orlando, FL. When you're able to create a world in another place and make people feel like they've been transported, that is what I call the Disney World Effect.


Disney is known for every small, minute, detail in all of the different “kingdoms” within the park. You can create this same atmosphere at your corporate events and parties when you take careful detail to entertain. This means that you have to be focused on the attendees and not the company itself! Create a theme and get everyone engaged in the theme. There are many small things you can get for cheap at your local Dollar Tree or maybe go on eBay and find assortment packages for a party. This can be super cheap! I don't know about you, but I'm all about smart spending for a company budget.




We have saved the best for last! The last, but most important thing you need to plan the perfect holiday corporate event is a photobooth! Believe it or not, photobooths are a huge hit in any type of party or engagement that involves people. For some reason, people just can't get enough of these things!

photobooth pic 3A photobooth incorporates everything that was previously described throughout this blog post, minus the food...unless someone wants to take a picture with food in their hand of course. It takes engagement and entertainment to another level because the ones who are taking pictures have the chance to explore their wildest fantasies with choosing props. Throw in a few friends and co-workers with the creativity and fit all of that into one photobooth and a few pictures...there's no telling what type of greatness you will get.

photobooth pic 6

After pictures are taken, they get physical pictures in-hand so they could keep for memories. On the photo-strip, I've seen companies put their logos, and sometimes other paid sponsor's logos on the bottom of the picture strips to show branding. This makes the event look so much more official.


Do you have booths or stations with resources where you want people to stop by and grab or inquire of information? Put it next to the photobooth. It is guaranteed traffic. You can also add a customized theme with props that go with the photobooth. The only limitation for this, is your creativity.

Because our photobooths are super affordable, we have dealt with various companies in the past and we would love to work with you to make your event go from blah, to phenomenal. You can choose from different style to fit the occasional that you're looking for.

photobooth pic 4photobooth pic 3







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