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Ray Mabion II
Pastor/Speaker/Professional Voiceover talent
Ray Mabion is a multi-talented individual that is more than just a voice. Through the utmost professionalism and ability to connect with any target audience, Ray Mabion's skillset and resources lays the foundation for setting the tone for transformation any individual's life.

Going to the next level is never an easy task in life. In order to get there, you need someone with experience who has been there. Challenge and transform your life today.
Taking it to the next level...
Water can take on many different forms and it is one of the most powerful elements on earth. Human beings need it to survive and it is essential for seeds to grow on earth.

It is imperative that water does not become stagnant, but instead forever flowing. That living water must flow within us at all times and must never be stagnant. Water that sits still smells.

Through the mouthpiece of Ray Mabion II, stagnation is not an option. With the God-given prophetic gift, Ray Mabion calls for individuals to stir up the rivers of living waters that is within them, in order to bring forth another level.
"...setting the tone for transformation."
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The Bar Examination
May 7th, 2017

Think Like A CEO Virtual Summit
Jan 30-Feb 3
What can Ray do for you?

Professional Engagments
Nothing short of professional in any given atmosphere.

Perfect Timing
Bringing a tailor-made message that is on time for ears of the audience .

Speaking & Voiceovers
Ray Mabion has years of experience behind the mic in various ways!

Anywhere and anytime, we can meet you...no matter the occassion.

Engaging personnel before, during, and after any event.

Engaement of Audience
Ray specializes raising talents levels of participants on any level.
Ray Mabion Ministries
"...setting the tone for tranformation"
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