I remember the days when I would look at all of the cool Facebook Ads and wonder how they were made. Before I became a Facebook Marketer, I didn’t have the slightest idea as to how to make those phenomenal graphics that you’d seed in your news feed.

See, in those days, it was always taught that you have to make nice graphics with a call-to-action on the picture itself. Facebook was extremely picky about making sure that your font on the picture didn’t go over 20% of the picture. I can’t tell you how many times my ads were disapproved because I had too much text on my ad creative. NOW, Facebook sends you error messages because they don’t really like words on the pictures that much at all. Facebook schizophrenia is what I call it!

Even though Facebook Ads has gone through a lot trends and phases, I only need a program called PicMonkey to take care of any need that I may have when it comes to created Facebook Ad creatives. It only takes me a few short minutes (under 10min) to get it the way that I want to look, and it will look professional 100% of the time.

It is essential that you have a eye-catching Facebook Ad because you have to captivate the user’s attention to stop while scrolling in their news feed so they can see your offer. Many times, we make this too difficult and we try to ad too much to a picture that we’ve found. The trick is to find a colorful picture for your creative. Often times, I don’t even add word fonts to my creatives anymore. I just find a great picture and use that.

When it comes to the pictures, you can use PicMonkey to get super creative to make that Wow-Factor. For example, Let’s say there’s a picture of a little girl smiling and she has brown eyes. Sure, she may be cute and people may say “aawwwww, she’s so cute”. That’s awesome! You made people stop scrolling in their news feeds. Now take that same picture and make the little girl’s eye a bright green color. That will grab the viewer’s attention more so! You can make these changes with PicMonkey with a few clicks of the mouse.

There’s plenty of tools out there that you can use to make the high converting Facebook ad creatives. Some super expensive, some free, some very affordable. You can’t go wrong with PicMonkey along with the powerful tools that it offers in it’s use. As always, do your own research. See what works for you. The better the Facebook Ad creative, the more money you will make in your business and the more traffic you will get to your offers!