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Tools and Resources

One thing you will find out about me is that I love to hook people up with free stuff and tips that others wouldn't dare to give. Below are some tools that I use and recommend so that you can make your businesses and side hustles thrive.




Starting a website, or blog? There are tons of service providers that you can choose from. You can go on youtube or google and ask all of the questions you want, but at the end of the day, you will have to make the decision. Why not take the recommendation from someone you trust? (I'm talking about me of course)

I use Hostgator for most of my website services. They have been affordable and they have been extremely reliable for me. None of my websites have ever went down, and Hostgator's customer service is top notch. If they are not available via Live Chat, you can call their customer service and you always get someone knowledgeable. Check out my blog post on how I start a website with hostgator. Then use my link to get one started yourself. You'll be able to start a website for only $.01! That's one penny! Get started today with HostGator.




I have a few websites through Godaddy. For the most part, Godaddy has been good to me. Very reliable, but they've tried to charge me for a few extra things when it comes to new services. It also took them a little while to get up to date when it came to other services to help the website epxeriences for us consumes, better.

Are they reliable? Yes. Prices are comparable and competitve. Some don't like Godaddy because they are a bigger company that owns huge portions of the internet. People like Chelsea and Michelle Garner recommend Siteground, but like I said previously, my experiences with HostGator has been phenomenal.

In short, if someone wants to buy through Godaddy, I would say "sure! That's not where I buy from, but you can safely purchase from them."


Aweber & GetRepsonse

Ever wonder how to grow your lists through a blog, product launches, websites, and services? Creating optins and collecting subscribers is essential to growth. I personally use Getresponse and Aweber.
Aweber has been a bit more reliable for me, but Getresponse has far more tools to grow your business. Getresponse also doesn't really have any rules when it comes to putting affiliate links within your emails to your subscribers. Aweber is a bit more tighter on their rules.

With my affiliate links, you're able to get your first 30 days of service FREE with Getresponse or Aweber. I've been able to send out emails with affiliate links and made my return on investment within a few clicks for some of my lists. This pays for itself if you use it correctly.

If you need something free absolutely free, there is Mailchimp. However, after your lists grows passed a certain amount, you will be charged. Mailchimp also has strenuous rules against internet marketers and affiliate links in their emails. It wasn't worth the headache for me at the time of my decision, but I was also able to spare a couple of bucks a month. Choose wisely my friends:)



Airbnb has saved me a TON OF MONEY! I recently took a trip to Orlando and stayed for about 4 days. Instead of paying $150 per night, I stayed a comfortable homes for under $50 a night where I pretty much had the whole house to myself, plus internet! That's all I need!

Look, I want to hook you up! I want you to give it a try. When you use my affiliate link, you will get $40 towards your first stay as well. No hotel is going to give you $40 to try their spaces:)

You can get shared rooms, private rooms, houses, condos, lofts, etc. It's just a matter of what you want and where you want, whenever you want. Airbnb is taking over and you need to hop on the train.

On the other hand, if you have a spare room in your house or maybe you have a property that you can rent out, make money while the rooms are there! Be a host and turn your properties into a return on investment.

Click here to get your $40 now.


Social Media Branding Academy

It's amazing that I can actually consider myself somewhat of a social media professional and create products from my expertise. I remember when I didn't know anything about social media and how to use it to make money, and then I fell upon Michelle Pescosolido. Michelle owns multiple 7-figure business due to Facebook Marketing and she changed my world. I owe all of my Facebook and social media marketing success to her. Get everything she knows in her video course Social Media Branding Academy, where she takes you by the hand, step by step and teaches you everything you need to know about killin' it with Facebook Marketing.



Michelle has also created multiple 7 figure businesses in multiple network marketing platforms. If you're looking to grow your business exponentially without having to "talk" to a ton of people  and lose your reputation, you need to see how she and her husband generate never-ending business with Facebook in their video course Social Media Branding For Network Marketers.

 smbc network


Lurn Insider

In order to make the big bucks and play with the big boys, you have to think like the big boys. If I were to whisper the name Anik Singal in internet marketing circles, people would tremble because he carries that much weight of success in just about everything he touches.

His programs are generally no lower than $300 up to $1000. His coaching is at least $10,000, and rightfully so. His expertise is worth it because he can make you a millionaire! He recently created a platform so you can be a internet marketing success at the cheap price of $1! You get his secret sauce for 30 days for $1 and then its $67/month after that.

I paid wwaaaayyyyyy more than that to get the very same secrets and you just so happen to be here at the right time. Learn from the multi-millionaire himself. His programs are always great as long as you put the teachings to work. Check out the Lurn Insider.




$5 Meal Plans

Tired of coming home, looking in the refrigerator and then trying to figure out what to cook? If you're a parent with kids, you know how frustrating this can be, day-in and day-out. What if you don't have the ingredients?

Take all of the guess work out of it and have meal plans sent to you so you can prep your meals ahead of time. It will save tons of heartache, headaches, frustration, and your precious time. $5 Meal Plans is a Godsend. It's crazy cheap and I'd recommend it to anyone.




There are times where you just need an extra $100 to $300 for the week, but you don't want to get another part time job. Maybe you have a trip coming up, and something unexpected like a medical bill or a furnace that quit on you and you need to make extra money I did. Uber is THE perfect side hustle.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being an entrepreneurial, making real estate deals, blogging, etc., etc., but sometimes you just need that side hustle that is consistent where you know without doubting that something will bring you that paycheck if you put in the work. Here in Kansas City, MO,  you're looking at about $10-$13/hr on a slow day. But there have MANY other times where I have made close to $20/hr driving. Uber needs to be a tool inside of your toolbelt.

Even if you need just a few bucks for marketing to take advantage of a lot of the tips I speak about in my blog posts, Uber is great. Having the extra $100 for marketing will bring you to your goal in lightspeed compared to doing it with free marketing.

And yes, I still Uber:) Click here to begin driving.


Up To $150,000 In Business Funding

I'm all about helping others when it comes to small businesses. Helping the little-man become successful is what helps the economy to thrive, no matter what country you're in. What if you had up to $150,000 in business funding? What would that do? I'm not talking about a bank loan either!

I have an affiliation with Aurelian Lending from out of Detroit where they help 100s of people out like us. It's not a pipe-dream, but rather it is a truly once in a lifetime opportunity that is available to everyone. You have to have somewhat of a decent credit history to get funding. If you have strong credit, you will get a whole-lot more money.

If you already have a business, great, but it is not necessary at the time of request for funding. If you have any questions, click here where I interview the CEO about the program for in depth details. To get approval for funding up to $150,000 click here. Hit me up for any questions.




I am new to Pinterest, but it is definitely revolutionizing my businesses. I learned from Chelsea how to monetize my blogs with driving traffic from Pinterest and Board Booster is something that she recommends.

It allows me to automate my pins, repins, helps me read my stats, notifies me when I have new followers, and tons more! I was in India for 2 weeks and I didn't touch my Pinterest account, but because I automated my account with Board Booster, I grew traffic to my blog during that time. Click here and get started for free!

Automate pinterest with boardbooster


Free 5 Day Facebook Ads Summit

I recently met Jessica Campos due to a virtual summit. She was on a women's summit (yes, I know. I'm a guy and I was cheating by signing on to a women's event. So what! It was great content!) and she's an expert on social media. She actually gave me a free 30min phone call consultation about my business and my blog to give me advice on my branding and monetization, and within a 5min window, she gave me a gameplan to revolutionize my business. Oh, I forgot to mention that she's driven millions of dollars in sales.

If you ever wanted to learn facebook marketing, she provides a FREE 5 day Facebook Masterclass Video Course. I took it and I implement a lot of things that she taught in it. People charge a lot of money from similar teaching. Check it out! It's FREE!


Profit Builder


Want to build professional websites like the ones I built such as: You can too without the expensive pricetag. I've seen people pay up to $97 to $200 a month for programs that allow them to make similar websites. If you're like me, I can't afford to have those type of expenses in my businesses just yet.

I use a program called Profit Builder. This has been great for me, because not only do I build my own websites, Landing pages, Sales Pages, Membership sites, and many other pages, I'm also able to charge other clients for my work to make similar pages and templates.

Want the power of platforms to make websites like the ones I'm able to make by the click of a button? Get Profit Builder now.

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