What is all of the fuss about with Retargeting Facebook Ads? What is the Facebook Retargeting Pixel and why is it important?

I remember when I first began to use the Facebook retargeting method, it didn't make any sense to me. I began to watch dozens of videos on Youtube for a tutorial and I couldn't find anything for what I was trying to do. I watched my favorite person Michelle Pescosolido as she gave her advice as to why she loves the pixel, and I also have a new friend who is an up and coming person in the Facebook Marketing space in the United States, Jessica Campos, who gave me a great gameplan to start getting traffic to my blog. This is where the doors began to really open for me.


In April, I had a live event coming up in Kansas City and I needed to make ticket sales on the Eventbrite page. I was trying to drive traffic from Facebook Ads. As I began to research ideas as to my target audience, I researched to see if there was a way to place the Facebook Pixel onto the Eventbrite page.


To make a long story short, I found out that Eventbrite has a small section to place the code for the Facebook Pixel so that you can track those who come in touch with your event page! I was then able to drive traffic from Facebook and from one of my email lists to my event, and then I can track those users in Facebook and send them a separate ad later if they choose not to take action and purchase my offer.


For example, if someone clicked on my ad and stopped on my Eventbrite page and didn't purchase a ticket for my event, the pixel will pick this up and let me know. I then created this Facebook ad below to convince that particular to go back and purchase a ticket for my event, but for a discounted rate from the original price. Check it out:

Facebook Retargeting Pixel ad

Ssuuurrreeee, this is not the most attractive Facebook ad you ever saw, but for someone who has been to my salespage and saw the $20 price for a ticket, and decided not to buy, they will definitely stop to view this ad because they were just on my salespage, and they now see the ticket price for $10. This is where Facebook retargeting works at its best and most powerful.


Imagine not taking me trying to sell you on something and you don't buy it because my offer is too expensive. Then later on you see this coupon in your Facebook Newsfeed as you're scrolling down for 50% off the regular price. Chances are that when you see this phenomenal ad pop up in your feed, you you be more susceptible to taking be up on my offer. My chances for a successful ad go way up! That is what you call “marketing to a Targeted Audience.”


Some other benefits of the Facebook Retargeting Pixel is that you can place the it on a webpage, and it will act as a “cookie” that tracks ALL of the users that reach your page. Take that same information and copy it in order to make many other other “custom audiences”. If you had a mailing list of 500 hundred with specific likes and behaviors, you can copy that audience to make similar ones like your lists! Your 500 can literally turn into 1000s of people to target at this point.


Let's say you have a crazy funnel that has a optin page, sales page, and a page to sign up for scheduling a phone call. You as the marketer needs to know what customers stop at certain pages, those who make purchases, those who don't sign up for the phone calls, etc. Well you generally wouldn't be to track these things, but now you can learn how to use the Facebook Pixel and know the exact behaviors of your customers and prospects.

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Why Should I this facebook retargeting pixel

When it comes to sales and funnels, you're also able to make it to where you can see how much each lead costs you. For example, I made have a product for $47. I don't want to spend no more than $25 in order to make a sale. So after learning how to install a Facebook Pixel, I can not only track and see where my customers are going, but I can see how much it cost per click in order to get that $47 sale. If it takes me spending $40 to get $47 back, I may not like that campaign. You can track things down to the penny like this with the pixel.


At first, I thought I knew how important the Facebook Pixel was. I used it for its basic functions and was produce of myself...until I found out its other uses outside of Facebook retargeting. You can get very creative with how you use it. There is no one set way to use the pixel. I strongly advise you to learn it's uses and perfect it. It will work wonders for your business.


P.S. - In this article, there has been times where I have used "facebook retargeting pixel and facebook pixel interchangeably. Technically, the Facebook Pixel is used to retarget ads. I ask that you please do not tell me that I'm calling it the wrong thing. I'm very aware of this. Some people call it the "facebook retargeting pixel". Thanks! 🙂