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Hi, my name is Kim, I'm masters level voice coach, composer, and facilitator. I have a passion for online technology and teaching! I love finding talent and helping others learn to sing and find their voice!

Here are some of my qualifications:
Music & Tech
*Music Manager for Indie TV show Proper Manors -Yes I'm a talent scout! 2014-present
*Utah Music Awards-Best Original Artist Nominee 2014
*Masters Degree in Opera from The Manhattan School of Music 1998
*Bachelors Degree in Voice Performance/Jazz & Classical WSCU 1995
*Online digital products developer of PopVoiceLessons and others.
*Social Media, Techi, Librarian 2008-2015

Coaching/ Facilitator
*Life Coaching Certificate 2015
*Voice Bio- Learn what your voice says about you! 2014
*Guest vocal coach for World Stars Performing Arts, Hollywood, CA 2007
*Adjudicator/judge for Utah Talent local tv 2004
*Over 15 years experience coaching voice!
*My goal as a coach is to share my gifts and help people access their own potential with the power of their voice, whether it is singing, or helping them bring out their message to the world.
In just 5-15 short minutes, I will give you my 8 Key Basics of Warming Up that will dramatically increase your singing voice.

You will have the chance to sing-a-long with me as I reveal my secrets to you. It will be like having me as your own personal coach, standing right next to you in order to help you along. Hurry while this offer is available. I can only work with so many people at a time.

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