I’m not going to lie. Sometime I get super jealous of tony Robbins. He is an ex NFL professional, he looks to be buff like an Arnold Schwarzenegger, and when the man smiles it seems like he flexes the muscles in his face to show his wide variety of perfect pearly white teeth. Oh not to mention, the dude has money and madd successful.
I recently saw him on YouTube promoting a book of his called Unshakeable. It sounds like an interesting read. But what really captivated me was the fact that he was being interviewed about Real Estate!?!? What the heck does Tony Robbins know about Real Estate!?
He believes that there is going to be another crash. I’ve done some research on this and a lot of experts actually believe that legislation that is being passed by the current administration will allow for Wall Street to cause another 2008 collapse within the market. We are overdue for a “correction” in the market by about 3 years, and they say that investors of all sorts need to begin preparing.
As I was hearing this my heart began to pound because my businesses are beginning to make some desirable progress and I’d hate to see that halted now. Then the light bulb came on in my head and at the same time, Tony Robbins said the same thing in his interview. If and when the market crashes, those who are ready for the crash as investors will profit the most. These are the times when you buy things 50% on the dollar or lower! Time to clean up!
If you don’t have any capital to better prepare yourself for the worse, begin now and close some small deals to get money under your belt. You can go out in the next 30 days make a wholesale deal for a few grand. Prepare yourself to buy some property and invest when the time comes.
Now, I hear the questions and comments coming to me:
“Are you saying that there is going to be a crash soon Antonio?”
“Do you have inside information that we don’t know about?”
“What if the CRASH never happens?”
Hold on to your horses. I mentioned earlier that my heart started pounding after hearing the information. The whole purpose of news and media bringing information forth in the way that they do is to grab your attention SO THAT YOU CAN PANIC in order to take the desired action, which in this case the action is to go buy Tony Robbins’s book Unshakable. Rrreeellllaaaxxxxx. However at the same time, take action and begin to take your businesses seriously and make smart moves for the future. That way, if anything does go bad for the economy, you as an experienced and smart investor will be ready
You don’t have to have strong face muscles like Tony Robbins to know real estate.