There is a lot of information out there pertaining to why you need the Facebook pixel in 2018 but no one is really giving you the full truth. Most of the time it is just a little bit of information to get you to purchase their program or to get their free ebook or something. I’m not holding anything back because I want you to succeed in this impossible endeavor that we call making money online. I mean…you don’t have to hold my hand, but at least follow along:)


What I’m not going to do is show you how to install the pixel. I’m not trying to be a punk and not show you, but you can go on my other blog post “How to setup the Facebook pixel” where I have screenshots and step by step instructions on how to actually create and install the pixel. I told you that I’m on your side! I’ve already done the work for you.

I’ve also created a video for you to check out and it goes right along with the blog post. If you’re visual, you can listen to and watch the video. If you understand better by reading and instruction, you will have the blog post to go off. Either way, show some love by sharing the content on social media, liking and comment the video, etc.


Ok, I always seem to get side tracked in these things. TANGENT! Let’s bring it back in so we can get to why you originally started reading this post. 2018 is going to be a HHHUUUGGGEEEE (in my Donald Trump voice) year for ecommerce and people in all markets that drive traffic and leads online. There has never been as many people as now who make purchases via their smart phones, customers from all ages and demographics are becoming more familiar with doing business online, and all platforms seem to be integratable with each other. Facebook, being one of the biggest platforms can integrate with just about any application now.


Businesses and companies like Ebay and Amazon are networks that have been around for a while now, that produce a ton of traffic and business across the world. You don’t have to worry about marketing these brands because everyone knows about them. They have made it possible to cut out the middle man and high prices of retail stores so that you can get your product cheaper than ever. This is only going to get better with the advent of companies and brands such as Shopify and Aliexpress.


Yes, Aliexpress has been around way longer than Shopify, but they are making leaps and bounds together because regular people are using the two to make a ton of money on the internet.


But what does this have to do with the Facebook pixel?


These platforms are awesome, but they would not be as awesome as they are now without Facebook ads and the pixel. When people are going to the online stores, you as the marketer are able to see what type of traffic clicks your ads.


I ran some Bing ads to a product of mine while using Shopify, and I was able to not only see how much traffic was hitting my offer, but I was able to break it down to see whether it came from an Android phone or and IPhone. I then was able to see if they were coming from the Bing ad itself, from Facebook, from Google, or somewhere else on the internet! Why is this important? Instead of spending money in a place where you are not getting traffic from, you can be targeted with your ad spend. Why target people with IPads when 90% of your traffic is coming from phones? What if more people are going to your offer from Bing Ads than Facebook Ads, but the traffic from the Facebook Ads are purchasing more products? I don’t know about you, but I’m in the business to make money, not spend it!


You can only get this type of power with the use of the Facebook Pixel ladies and gentlemen. Can you use other tools such as the Google Analytics or the Bing Ads conversions tool? Heck yes! Use it all!


I almost forgot…while we are on the subject of Amazon, and Shopify, a lot of these platforms are now providing options that integrate with the Facebook Pixel to improve your conversions. It makes things easier for you to retarget people who come to look at your offer, and then click away. You are then able to send those customers a message or an ad and say “hey, you stopped and looked at my product but you didn’t purchase. Here’s my product again but for %50 off!”


You may not say exactly that, but the being is that you are able to get in front of the customers that didn’t take advantage of your original offer. Man, I love this stuff! I hope you’re getting excited about this because you can be extremely target with intent on your marketing like never before. For you to really maximize on your money, you have to know your metrics (numbers) and now you can with the availability of the pixel. If you’re not understanding why you need the Facebook pixel in 2018 for your hobby or business, I don’t know what to say to you by now. I can tell you one thing…you probably will not be successful, because you’re not willing to put in the work that is needed.


As markets become more saturated and more businesses transition to be online, you will have to be a smart marketer. After reading this blog post of why you need the Facebook pixel in 2018, you will have a decent idea of where to go so that you can spend less money to get the best results. You will have the knowledge that a lot of these businesses don’t have thus putting you on top of the competition. This is what it’s going to about as time goes along. Online marketing is no longer new and experimental. It simply works! The question is, will you use the tools that are made available to you, to it’s greatest potential? If the answer is yes, you will have enormous financial breakthroughs this year! I’m waiting to see what your next move will be 🙂