Facebook marketing is such a hot topic right for businesses right now and for good reason. Many are trying to take advantage of it because they know how crucial it can be for their success. If you have a business of any sort, you need to be involved with Facebook Marketing...PERIOD.

will facebook marketing work for my business?I'm not a statistics person and I'm not even going to try, but I do know the amount of businesses that has transitioned over to social media has doubled over the passed year. It's not by mistake that this trend is becoming more popular and I'm going to show you why.


I just read an article that retail store giants, SEARS and JC Penney's are to start closing down more stores in the U.S.! Not one or two, but hundreds to thousands. There was not one major mall or shopping outlet that did not have these stores as “anchor stores” when I was growing up. When my parents needed to get me some cheap clothes or shoes, they would take me to one of these stores. The funny part is that they had name brand clothes, but I never got any name branded clothes.I even remember my mom buying me shoes from Montgomery Ward called Nucleus! Who in the world buys their kid some shoes named Nucleus? Needless to say I didn't know anything about science or cells at that point. *You'll catch that joke in a little bit...

Will facebook marketing work for my business? - jc penney closing

No one could ever fathom the idea that they would ever see the day when stores like these would fade away. But on the other hand, I believe that if stores like these would understand the necessity of evolution to the internet and make the necessary changes, they may bring life to their brands just like many others brands have done over the recent years.


Facebook Marketing is something that has taken businesses to the next level and beyond. Facebook has created the avenue of super-laser-targeted marketing to your customer like no other company has ever done or can do at this moment of time. There is hardly no match!


Within 5-10min, I can created an add that goes to my service/product, tell Facebook that I only want to target mommy's that have toddlers only, and they have to be a fan of reading the Huffington Post magazine. OH and I forgot to mention that the moms have to be between the ages of 35-55 with a household income of $100,000+. YES! You can target just like that! This is why it is so important that as a business owner, you get involved in Facebook Marketing, no matter what niche or market that you're in.


With my knowledge in targeting audiences, I have worked with people to drive leads in specific markets like Photobooths, motivational speaking, musical artists, increasing attendance for business meetings, soap workshops, real estate, and the list goes on. After getting your leads, you can make BIG profits!


The Downside OF Facebook Marketing

Unfortunately for you and fortunately for them, Facebook is made to take your money. When it comes to making money with Facebook Marketing, you need one of 2 things:

1 – Have to know what you're doing and what exactly you're going to sell


2 – You don't know what you're doing, so be very strategic about the goals to accomplish.


I ran an ad the other day and I had no idea how it was going to perform. There's always this area of the unknown because you have to test out niches to see how they will perform. This means that it's time to reach into those pockets and spend some money.  There are a ton of people out there who will say “Throw $100 at it and see how it will perform!”. Well Mr. or Mrs. Guru, I don't have $100 to burn like that!


If you're anything like me, I don't always have money just sitting around to test things on Facebook marketing. In cases like this, I use some of the techniques that I give in my blogpost 5 Must Do's To Making $1,000 Per Month Online... to develop some quick income. Where ever there is a will, there is a way:)


You are able to start small and still get results. Sure, your results and analytics will not be as tight, but you will get some type of results. You are able to throw as little as $1.00 to $5.00 depending on your campaign that you are doing. This brings me to my next part of my rant.


Facebook has many campaigns for you to test and try in order for you to blow your money. There's over 10 different options to choose from when creating an ad within Facebook and they are always changing. Let me help you with a little tip. You most likely will only use 4 when starting out and testing. Those 4 will be:

1- Clicks to website

2- Conversions

3- Post engagements

4- Video Views

Sure you can use a whole lot more and the names may have actually changed by the time you're reading this post, but those are the main campaigns/objectives that you'd use as you're beginning.


If you're just starting out, I recommend that you not use no more than $5 for your ads per day. Save up a good $35-$50 with the mindset that you're going to use it to perfect this thing we refer to as Facebook Marketing. This is where the money is at, and if you know how to even get a fraction of results in this concept, you can be one rich tycoon. All sorts of people will be asking for your help.


Facebook Marketing is phenomenal and it is very realistic in the fact that you are able to take $50, and turn it into $1000 in one day. It's not magic, but rather it is testing and know-how which is not impossible...even for the noob.


Higher Conversions


As I mentioned before, you can laser target your audience, which means you can increase conversions for your sales. I heard someone talk about yelp marketing and how they promise “x” number of impressions for your business to be seen. The problem is that one particular person can see your ad 5 times and that will count for 5 different impressions. What a waste of money! This is what I called wasted traffic. To make matters worse, the person seeing your ad may not even be interested in your market!


Facebook allows for you target people in your desired market, narrowed down to the things they like and the times that you want. This DOES mean that you have to do a lot of research to get fantastic results, but if McDonalds and Burger King can do their research before they let franchisees build, I guess you can do the same thing right?


Facebook also offers a service called retargeting. If for some reason you send people to your offer and they don't order it for some reason, you are able to use retargeting in order for them to see your offer again repeatedly. It's a fact that it takes the general customer 5-7 times to see something before they make the purchase.


Maybe you can relate? You ever went on a website and looked at a t-shirt or a game, clicked it, and then you decided not to buy it? Then you went to check your email, only to find an ad somewhere on the page about the very product you just clicked away from? After the 3rd  time of seeing the stupid ad, you finally throw your hands up as if you surrendered, and you gave in to buy the product. This is retargeting. This is a proven and very effective way of marketing.


Facebook marketing is for any and every business. NO EXCUSES. If you're not using this FREE platform to make money, then you are crazy and you're losing out on tons of money. Hop on this wave before it's too late because it's still a lot of room for you.